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What do an Aged Care Provider, A Used Golf Balls Retailer, a Physiotherapist and an Interior Decorator Have in Common?

...No, that's not the beginning to a bad joke...and you'd be forgiven for thinking "not much really".

Natasha wanted to create a New Direction in the Aged Care Industry.

Steve was in a business he didn't truly love...and had a small sideline business he didn't seriously believe could provide him a living, let alone become a serious national and international player.

Michael had already created a completely new way to do Physiotherapy...but other Physiotherapists couldn't understand his model and apply it like he could.

And then there's Marina. Marina's business is in a highly competitive market, but she wanted to really stand out as offering something completely different from other interior designers and decorators. Marina wanted her own unique Style that had never been done before.

All from very different industries, each in very different sized businesses, from startups to solo operators, to a team of 10, to a team of hundreds. And yet they all shared one thing in common. Every one of these clients wanted to shake up their industry and do something completely different. Something that had never been done before.

And that's exactly what they are now doing.

Natasha has created the worlds first and only Small Scale Inclusive Housing Community specialising in Dementia Care. The very first community of its kind anywhere in the world is now open at Bellmere, just north of Brisbane and Natasha is now rolling this model out around Australia and Internationally as the New Direction in Aged Care. Watch this space.

Steve got out of his core business and has turned his sideline into a thriving business operating in Australia, Malaysia, South Korea and Taiwan, with plans to expand to the UK and USA in the near future.

Michael is licensing and teaching his program to Physiotherapy businesses around Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and the UK and developing a new breed of Physiotherapists.

Marina is kicking goals as a standout interior decorator specialising in fusing her clients' heritage and tradition with a modern creative twist that is both comfortable and aesthetically beautiful. Se has never been busier, nor happier, in her work and life.

If you want to stand out, if you want to shake up your industry...or even if you already are doing something completely different and want to grow it, then maybe you could benefit from the same program Natasha, Steve, Michael and Marina have been working through.

Greg Aleckson's Sustainable Profit Strategy.